Don’t let the politicians fool you. Here’s what it’s really about:

Vote No On 8
  • Amendment 8 is not about “freedom;” it is about taxpayer funding of religion.
  • Amendment 8 requires zero oversight or accountability, which could lead to misuse of taxpayer dollars and massive fraud.
  • Amendment 8 makes any religious group eligible for taxpayer dollars and could force taxpayers to fund religious views they oppose.
  • Amendment 8 is misleading.

    Tallahassee politicians intended to mislead us. Legislators are trying to fool us into believing that this is about religious freedom but it would actually strip away current religious freedom protections by allowing public tax funding for religious programs and religious schools.


  • Amendment 8 is not necessary.

    Our current system works – religious organizations already receive hundreds of tax breaks, exemptions, and accommodations. Faith-based groups perform essential social services every day – much of it with funding through contracts with state agencies. Under current law these services are required to be non-religious and serve the needs of the community without discrimination.

  • Amendment 8 allows your tax dollars to be used for religious purposes.

    Amendment 8 will divert funds from neighborhood public schools and publicly funded programs to the direct funding of religion, religious programs and religious schools. It is only the latest attempt by Tallahassee politicians to use public tax dollars to subsidize religion and tear down the historic separation of church and state.

  • Amendment 8 could lead to misuse of taxpayer funds and even fraud.

    Because the proposal requires no oversight and accountability, Floridians could see misuse of tax dollars, massive fraud, and political cronyism. And since there will be no oversight, groups of any kind could merely call themselves a religious organization and get state funding.

Don’t be fooled!