Send Tallahassee a message: Vote ‘no’ on amendments

Just vote no. That’s our recommendation to voters who will be confronted with 11 state constitutional amendments – and summaries totaling over 2,000 words – on the general election ballot.

‘No’ on state amendments

Amendment 8 would create new conflicts by banning the consideration of religious affiliation in government funding decisions.

Vote No on Constitution Changes

Voters should exercise extreme caution when considering the 11 proposed amendments to Florida’s Constitution on Nov. 6. Most are of dubious value. Most address topics that shouldn’t be in the constitution, which has grown to 54 pages long since it was drafted in 1838.

Nix proposed FL amendments with dogmatic social agenda

Florida’s Legislature placed several amendments before voters that address ideological issues which have inspired heated debate across the nation among citizens of all political persuasions. The outcome on these three measures will reveal voter values and could alter the social landscape of the state.

What you don’t know about Amendment 8

Amendment 8 will have a direct, if not sobering, effect on all of our public schools in Florida, including charters.

Why Amendment 8 should fail

Good people, including some church leaders, are pushing Amendment 8, and good people, including school leaders, are dead against it.

Amendments 6, 8? No

For Florida voters, November’s ballot is practically a novella. Self-indulgent state lawmakers packed it with 11 proposed constitutional amendments, with summaries in some cases that run into hundreds of words.