Kingsley Guy: Florida voters are not Puritanical

The late Washington Post columnist David Broder, during the Reagan administration, described the GOP as a coalition of “latter-day Puritans and closet libertarians.”

Lessons drawn from voters rejection of amendments

One of the reasons cited for the long delays in voting in some of Florida’s larger counties in the 2012 general election was the fact that the Florida Legislature placed 11 state constitutional amendments on the ballot.

Our Opinion: Amendments

The Legislature has been rewriting Florida’s Constitution, and voters are faced with 11 proposed changes.

Henderson: Don’t fall victim to Tallahassee’s campaign

I try to be a thoughtful guy in all things, but especially on Election Day. It’s serious business, requiring dedication, commitment and research. No one wants to wing it in the voting booth.

Just say ‘no’ to all 11 amendments

The best way to send a message to Tallahassee that Floridians want fairer taxes and less extreme government is to say “no” to the 11 state constitutional amendments on the Nov. 6 ballot.